No to Liability: Effective Personal Financial Tips

Most of us people has a mentality of the “more you get paid the more your spending game is”. However, we are just putting ourselves into a “more probability” of being in debt. So to end all the worries and dilemma on how to use your money wisely, there are a lot of personal financial tips being shared all over the world to help people face their financial crisis.

The quest for financial freedom continues until now. Real estates, world finance such as different banks has become the mainstay of the people. An interesting concept has been taught now to those people that is experiencing a financial crisis to overcome this dark times of their life. Some tips are shared by successful people which are lists down below.

Save before You Spend

Oftentimes, we spend money before we are able to save some. And that is one of the common mistake we do when we handle our money. As they say, it very helpful for one to only spend the money residue after saving. Not only that it helps you free from debt but it also disciplines the person to secure his/her financial stability.

Pay your debts.

Debts is already a part of one’s financial lifestyle. Most especially when the pay is not that sufficient for everyday living. However, being in debt is not as worse than you think as long as you pay it and try to avoid it the second time. There are a lot of ways to hinder the chance of being in debt. And being said, saves you from placing yourself into a situation that might be hard to get out.

Create Money Tracking

Being able to track the flow of your money to a day to day spending is a lot of help. It might be hassle to list all down the things you buy but it is very helpful when you also do cost cutting. Some other people also has their own personal finance software that is able to compute and track where their money has been spent. It is some sort of an inventory as well and a financial statement.


Investing might be hard do for some, however investing plays a huge part of your financial freedom. It is just a matter of where to put or invest the money. Most of the people who has been successful in this kind of area invest in a long term result such as putting it on an emergency fund or a retirement investment. Also some invest in insurances just to protect their assets. However, it is best to seek some further advice or information about insurances before putting in your money to avoid any confusions and or financial strain.

Budget your Money

This is a common tip we hear everywhere, budget your money and spend it only to important things. Well it might sound so easy to do but in reality, we all know it isn’t just go like that especially when our desire to have things comes in. So it is best to list all the things you need to have and just bring the money you only need to spend.

How to Create a Blog

Are you trying to figure out how to create a blog for your business? Many online and offline business owners are not sure if they should incorporate blogging to their regular marketing strategy. They are not even sure how to make blogs for their businesses and how to use blogs to effectively market their business. First of all let’s start with a short definition what is actually a blog, how can it be successfully used to market any kind of business and then we will look at 10 simple steps that need to be taken in setting up a blog properly.

What Is A Blog?

A blog (a contraction of the term “weblog”) is a type of website usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. “Blog” can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

There are many different types of blogs, differing not only in the type of content, but also in the way you deliver and write content. You can set up a personal blog, corporate and organizational blog, by genre, by media type or device.

How Can A Blog Be Used?

You can create a blog and use them for different purposes. It all what are your personal or company intentions with blogging strategy.

You can use a blog for:

  • Home business
  • Inform your customers
  • Full website
  • Business news
  • Online newsletter
  • Personal inspiration

10 Steps – How to Create A Blog for Your Business

  1. Get Domain name and hosting account
  2. Install
  3. 2 Options to choose from: pick a free theme or get someone to do the design for you for branding purpose
  4. Get Essential Plugins such as (All in One SEO, Akismet, Comment Luv, SEO friendly images, Sexy Bookmarks)
  5. Start Writing (consistency is the key)
  6. Learn about SEO for your blog. Consider using Private Blog Networks.
  7. Work on your onsite optimization first (keywords, title tags, Description, Alt tags, Headings1, 2, 3, make your keywords bold and underline)
  8. Work on your offsite optimization (submit your blog to directories, bookmark, share, tweet, comment on other popular blogs, turn the post into an article and submit to article directories with a link pointing back to website)
  9. Add a picture to make your post catchier
  10. Add a video to accommodate a wider audience since many people prefer to watch a video than reading a text.

As you can see the steps about how to create a blog for your business are not nearly as complicated as you might have thought. The main key to blogging success is to be consistent. Set a challenge for yourself that you will write everyday 1 post for the next 90 days. Once you have set up your blog, you just need to repeat steps 5 to 10. So now roll up your sleeves and get to work and have fun.

Tips on Writing a Blog


Anyone is capable of starting a blog. However, writing a blog that people basically want to read can be quite challenging. You should make every effort so that your blogs have positive impact on your readers. This starts from the design all the way to your content, and everything in between.

What can you do to make your visitors continue coming for more? The following are are some insight on blog writing.

Blog Writing: Elements and Features

The most critical part of any blog is the message you need to pass and how you are going to say it. People are going revisit your blog not only when they like the particular subject but also your writing style. For that reason, you should write your blog in a tone which is appropriate to its topic. You should keep it personable in order to invite interaction via blog comments plus links back to your blog from others who like what you’ve written.

Among the most significant parts of any blog’s success is the homepage-the first page majority of individuals see when they access your website via its URL. Next, the “About Me” page provides your readers some look at who you are, and why you are writing. This may provide any of your blog reader some closer connection to you, and enough reason on why they should follow your content.

The other element of a perfect blog is of course properly named post. When you need your content to be found, you must effectively organize your content.

Your blog’s readers like your content-that is clear. It also implies probably some of them enjoy your favorite sites. Provide them a place to see what you actually like. You should also keep this fresh so that they’ll keep coming for more. You can possibly achieve this through a blogroll.

Consider “advertising”, for a snowball effect, your most popular posts on your blog’s sidebar. Use also other popular sidebar items like links to recent posts and comments, old posts archives, and a search box.

Also you ought to understand other basic components of a blog which are for informational purposes, such as the RSS feeds and the header.

Writing Blog Posts

Writing blog posts that people would love to read is just a matter of speaking openly and honestly about the subject you are passionate about. For example, you love to write about motocycle accessories like what is the best motorcycle helmet, or the best motorcycle GPS, etc. Your blog should, therefore, be enjoyable, interesting and dynamic.

Caution: Blogger Beware

There are many legal issues you as a blogger might face when you do not keep to established guidelines. Furthermore, when you do not follow unwritten rules of blogosphere, you may stand a chance of being marked as a blogger, and your blog to avoid. In short, do not spam other bloggers, do not illegally use images and photos, and do not forget to attribute sources.


By appropriately blogging, you are going to become some welcomed member of blogosphere. Because much of your success depends on the relationship that you build with other bloggers, it is vital to make sure your reputation remains unblemished.